Treehouse Kid & Craft, Decatur, GA

Treehouse Kid & Craft is a family-run and community supported kid’s shop + creative space located in Athens and Decatur, GA. Treehouse offers a range of well-designed and responsibly-made products, supplies, and activities that promote creative play and learning. I created an installation that encouraged creative exploration and limitless design.

Treehouse's classroom space offers a variety of classes that encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and hands on activities. This space is where I created an installation that draws from that same hands on mindset. 

This project challenged me to think back on the things I enjoyed as a child. What colors did I gravitate towards? What things did I like to play with? What inspired me to create in the first place?

I realized that painting wouldn’t be enough in this space. The things that drive my interest the most are things I can interact with, things I can touch. I added vinyl shapes on top of the painted surface so that installation shifts to becomes one of inclusion and interaction.

Treehouse was started with a vision to create a place where people in the community and beyond would feel welcome, meet friends, and be inspired to make, create, and live happy. It has become just that... and more!