Recess, Krog Street Market, Atlanta, GA


Recess serves up healthier options in Krog Street Market. I worked directly with CHG and Square Feet Studio to create large, playful pieces that draw the eye into the space as soon as you step foot into the market. The bold shapes with a refreshing palette coincide with the yummy dishes. 

A close up of the face on the back wall!

The largest group of shapes interact with one another on the 17-foot wall nested behind the bar guests. A glowing neon light runs above the L-shaped bar, transforming the shapes from day to night.  


The arrangement of shapes along the back wall can be seen from across the dining hall, as it faces Little Tart Bake Shop            and Hop City.


If one needs to grab a a bite in a hurry, you're invited to pop by the to-go counter. This way, you can take your food out into the market to dine or carry it back home as a "healthier" version of fast food. Some of these options incude grain bowls, salads, produce forward sandwiches, and refreshing drinks. The palette pops against the pink counter top and band running overhead.