Bar Mercado, Krog Street Market, Atlanta, GA


Bar Mercado is a causal, multi-regional Spanish tapas restaurant and bar located in Krog Street Market, a food hall on the east side of Atlanta. The name “Bar Mercado” is derived from Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel, which translates to “market bar”. Bar Mercado, named appropriately for it’s location inside of a market and for its menu which features the greatest hits of Spanish cuisine.


The wall expands over 60 feet long and 100 feet tall. I painted the steel brick wall to compliment the authentic, yet relaxed feel offered by small, flavor-packed dishes easily shared.


In accordance with the restaurant space, I created the host(ess) stand that welcomes visitors when you walk in. A male and female are mirrored on the front. Each figure represents a member of Castellucci family who own and run the restaurant. The figures also represent the Spanish influence that Bar Mercado is inspired by!


The sweet staff decided to take on the characters for Halloween! <3