Coco + Mischa, Ponce City Market, Atlanta

COCO + MISCHA is a retail shop in Atlanta, Georgia. The shop offers vintage clothing, slow fashion, handmade jewelry, found objects, and beautiful things for your home and body. C+M works with small, sustainable and socially conscious makers to provide the things that makes life more creative and beautiful. The shop continues to support lots of really special small businesses!

The space has become a community for all things local and handmade. I wanted the mural to be representative of the kinds of people who shop and interact within that special space. These people have grown near and dear to my heart!

COCO + MISCHA is named for two sisters given those nicknames by a nephew and a stepdaughter.  COCO is off raising triplets (!!!), and MISCHA is running the shop. There are 3 female figures represented in the 18 foot mural, calling attention to the force behind C+M. 

The figure on the far left is playing with the critter that is leaping out towards her! The palette is playful; it draws directly from the bright aztec patterns and funky art-deco vibes used in the rest of the space.

The figure in the middle is bending over backwards on a patch of land. Her polka-dotted hair is flowing beneath her with boobs free to the sky.

The final figure on the far right is running around, looking for a shirt to throw on to get out the house. She's a business woman, a woman of many trades, on-the-go like so many of us are.