I am a painter and illustrator located in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in a suburb just outside of Atlanta, I was inspired and raised around the creative influence of my mother's design agency, Whitehouse Advertising and Design. As one of many artistic minds in the family, I went on to receive a BA in Art History and minor in Studio from The University of Georgia.

My artistic practice began as a response to the mark-making observed from the artists represented within and around the Abstract Expressionist, Futurist, and Impressionist movements. My practice has thus evolved into a lifestyle, gaining strength from the resilience of women, the voice of the modern, and the interpretation of postmodern culture as it affects human and civil rights. 

Through my work, I hope to invoke a connection for my viewers while representing the truest version of self-love, equality through expressive mark-making, and the beauty represented by the human body.

All work on this site was created by Meredith Anne White.